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How To Test A COM Port Or USB To Serial Adapter
Some PayClock terminals communicate over Recommended Standard-232 Communications or RS232, which uses a serial port. Those terminals include:

  • PC100
  • PC400
  • PC2000
  • PC3500
Later model computers only come with USB ports and PayClock communications must be used in conjunction with a USB To Serial Adapter to communicate with the terminals.

If PayClock has communications problems with the serial terminals, the software can be used as a testing tool to determine if the port is working. Along with the software, a metallic object will be needed, such as a small screw driver. It is important that the metal object does not have any type of coating. That coating on the metallic object will interfere with the testing.

Before testing the serial port communications:

  • Review the pin positions of the serial port.

    When Looking at the pins in the serial port:

    Pins 1 through 5 are aligned together on one side of the port.

    Pins 6 through 9 are aligned together on the other side of the port.
During the testing, Pins 2 and 3 will be touched in order to establish what is known as the Loopback Test.

If using a USB To Serial adapter, the adapter can be laid flat to rotate the serial connection end so that the testing of the serial port end can be a little easier.

To test the serial port:

  • With the metallic object, touch pins 2 and 3 only.

    It is important to ONLY touch pins 2 and 3. Do not touch any other pins. It is okay to touch the sides of the serial port but only Pins 2 and 3 will create the Loopback connection needed to test the serial port.
After the positioning of the serial port and/or familiarity with touching pins 2 and 3 is established:

  1. Open the PayClock software.

  2. Click System on the Ribbon Bar.

    In older versions of PayClock, click Setup; then click System.

  3. Click the Terminal Tab.

  4. Select the COM port that is being used to communicate with the timeclock.

  5. Select PC100 for the Terminal Type.

    For the purpose of this test, PC100 must be selected on the terminal tab.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Click Test Clock.
If Terminal Manager is enabled in PayClock Pro:

  1. Click Terminal Manager from the Windows Task Bar.

  2. Under All Terminals, Click PC100 with the Left Mouse Button.

  3. Right click PC100.

  4. Select Properties...

  5. Click the Connection tab.

  6. Select the COM port used for communications.

  7. On the General tab

  8. Click Test Connection.
With pins 2 and 3 'jumped' together and clicking Test Clock or Test Connection, PayClock should return the message Terminal Test OK, verifying the COM port is functioning. Any issues with communications will be either the cable(s) or the PayClock terminal.

If the message is Not Connected: Disconnecting From Terminal, the COM port or USB To Serial adapter may no longer be functional. The port/adapter should be repaired or replaced.

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